Attention 2014!If you want to have a good yearbook page,

listen up!


This blog will tell you what to do for your yearbook page…

How to do it…

and why you should.

Read on!

The more of you who use this blog,

the better you’ll all like this year’s yearbook!


Here are the rules:

Your yearbook page will be 8.5″ by 11″

If you like, Mr. Bensen can just put your page together for you (Only one person has ever taken this option).  No work for you, and no say over the final result.  Period!

You can also:

1.  Give Mr. Bensen your favorite pictures and have him do your layout.  This is the easiest approach for all of us.

2.  Do it all by yourself (and risk the consequences).

3.  Work with Mr. Bensen.  Remarkably enough, this is the best approach.

The choice is yours*.

*If you make no choice, the choice becomes Mr. Bensen’s.  And what an awful situation that would be!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. rdf38

    Don’t forget in Computer Arts last year you learned how to do a yearbook page.
    Follow the link below it will take you to the computer arts page on my website.
    Download the files associated with Project 4: yearbook project


    If you forgot your log-in from last year, then get a new one. For those that have me this year can use the same log-in.
    Good luck on your yearbook page.
    Mr. F.


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